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About La-Kaza

La-kaza is relatively a new kind of initiative which brings both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) products on a single platform. It also stands out from other common e-commerce platforms in the manner that it only assists in connecting the Sellers and Buyers.Rest of the transaction related to actual purchase happens directly between the buyers & sellers and la-kaza does not charges any commission or margin fee of any kind in such transactions, thus helps in bringing down the price of products.

Some of the key reasons which led us to bring la-kaza is that, with the emergence of current day online marketplaces,the spread of false/ duplicate/ sub-standard products has also increased.

Second, through such channels the buyer, in maximum cases, is unaware of the actual sellers and makes the purchase by relying on the website.

Third, there are many sellers who are interested in clearing their last-minute stock/ inventory due to various reasons included but not limited to – end of season sale, stock clearance, export surplus, business winding up, etc.but are unable to get the desired visibility on existing plateforms.

Apart from the above, the buyer only get to see the actual product when it is delivered to them and in case of a return/ replacement, it takes days for the buyer to receive the product he/ she desired.

Keeping in mind the above challenges with existing e-commerce platforms, La-Kaza bring an opportunity for sellers to post their products, whether in bulk quantity or retail, and connect with the prospective buyers directly.

The buyers on the other hand can find / search for either bulk sellers through out the country or can search for discounted retail products in their local city or any other city of choice.

For any product so posted on La-kaza, the buyer can either contact the seller using chat option provided in the application or can contact seller directly through contact nos. provided.

Through this we intend to bring following advantages/ benefits to both parties:

For Sellers

  • No Margin fee, packaging and transportation cost involved and the savings achieved can be shared with buyers
  • Better visibility to buyers as retail product display is city based
  • Can connect with both bulk and retail buyers on a single platform
  • Easy and free product promotion without spending hugely on print and electronic media advertisements

For Buyers

  • Get to know about discounted products in local area
  • Get to see the product before actual purchase
  • Easy to claim warrantees / guarantees from the seller as the purchase is local
  • Single place to search for latest promotional offers
  • Easy comparison of various offers available in local city

With this we hope to make your purchase simpler and better…..
Happy Shopping